About Us

The Buzz Behind the Hum


The passion and concept for The Brilliant Hum was born from our own experiences as a super duper excited couple planning a wedding and incessently scouring the web for pinworthy designs and style guides to create our own individual and bespoke day.

With the wedding day out of the way, we came to realise the potential behind the information we had curated. With a new found love of  sourcing current wedding trends, bridal fashion and researching in general, we quickly saw a gap in the blog market. YES, there were and are, a great deal of useful and pretty wedding blogs out there already. We know that.

But, wait a minute! Let’s turn the concept on its head a minute….why not think BIGGER! The Brilliant Hum is more than just another wedding blog. Planning your wedding, homestyle, career highlights and useful lifestyle edits, we aim to bring you the ‘buzz’ behind it all!

From every day weddings to real life style guides and inspirational suppliers, The Brilliant Hum aims to be the one stop shop for all things wedding and beyond. Our modern lifestyle blog aims to bring you the latest in both current wedding day trends and popular lifestyle inspiration.

If you feel  your ideas or work would fit well with the look and style of our blog do get in touch! We are always on the look out for new style inspo!


Thanks guys…your support is much appreciated!