Three Top Tips for the Ultimate Bridal Beauty Countdown

You are counting down to the big day. The venue is booked, the dress is hanging in your wardrobe and the champagne is virtually on ice! With a matter of months to go you may be turning your attention to how you will look your very best on the day. Read our three key tips on just what you need to do now to ensure you look shmazing on your wedding day.

  1. Few months to go:

Two of the key beauty treatments not to underestimate that will guarantee you look your absolute best on the day are your brows and teeth. Beautifully defined brows and clean, white teeth will both help to define your facial features and make your wedding day makeup really shine.

Allow two to three months before the big day to ensure both these areas are in order.

For perfect brows, there are a variety of treatment options. A combination of waxing, threading and tweezing can be applied by your local beauty salon to achieve the perfect HD brow shape for your facial features. A brow tint applied a couple of days prior to the wedding itself will lift and illuminate your browbones and emphasise your beautiful eyes.

Sparse brows and thinning brows? Have you considered more permanent options such as tattooing? For such an option, allow 4 weeks between top up treatments and two weeks between your final top up and the day itself for any healing to take place, and scabs to disappear. It is really important here to go with recommendations received. The last thing you want is permanently tattooed eyebrows that make you look consistently surprised!

As with your brow treatments, to achieve whiter teeth for your big day you will need to commit to a sustained treatment plan overseen by your registered dentist in the months leading up to your wedding day. Your dentist will need to take a specific mould of your teeth and prescribe whitening solution; to be applied either for a couple of hours a day or overnight, depending on the solution. Planning this in ahead of the day will allow any potential sensitivity to die down in time for the wedding.

Skin Care: With at least a few months to go, or more if possible, a regular skin care routine must be adopted. At a bare minimum, it is essential that you cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin to ensure it is in tip top condition for your day. A weekly exfoliator to cleanse and refine any large pores and remove dead skin cells will reveal the glowing skin beneath.

  1. Last minute appointments:

Reserve any key beauty appointments such as your manicure, pedicure, hair removal and fake tan until a couple of days before the big day. Allowing a couple of days’ grace between these final beauty appointments and the day itself will ensure the look you have selected not only looks natural but will last throughout your wedding day and well into your honeymoon. And remember, if you are thinking of opting for a fake tan for your wedding day, do ask for a trial run first, to be sure you are happy with the end colour.

  1. On The Day:

Bridal Makeup:

Maybe you are opting for the natural, classic look with a slick of eyeliner and the emphasis given to beautifully defined lips. Or perhaps the look you are aiming for is sexy and sultry with smoky eyes and a barely there pout. Whatever your choice, remember your wedding makeup will be captured in all its glory in your wedding photographs for years and years to come. You want to be sure it is a look you are happy with! For this reason and this reason alone, if you are having your bridal makeup professional applied, we can’t stress enough the importance of a trial run.

Even if you are opting to apply your own makeup on the day, have a few practice runs with your bridesmaids first, test it out on one another, and seek feedback. Consider your skin tone, choice of wedding colours and how these all naturally blend together to create a seamless look. Remember, you may well need to add a little more colour than usual to add balance to the white or cream of your wedding dress.

Placing emphasis on the key elements that will define your beautiful facial features will ensure a look that will last the test of time. Pay attention to creating beautiful defined brows, investing in a quality skin primer, foundation and highlighter applied to the cheekbones to give your skin that beautiful, dewy bridal glow. Avoid the caked on look. It will quickly look very dated and is simply not necessary.

Bridal makeup


Both your choice of wedding makeup and hair should reflect who you are as a person, and not transform you into someone ultimately unrecognizable in years to come.