11 cheap and easy ways to host your own perfectly Spooky Halloween Party

    Wow! Autumn is here and we can hardly believe the month of October is upon us already (it will soon be Christmas! Arrrgh!). The nights are getting darker and the summer almost feels like a fond and distant memory. Of course, October also means it is only a matter of weeks until we herald in the most bewitching time of year…Halloween. If you are thinking of hosting a Halloween party this year but dreading the cost involved, fear not! The Brilliant Hum has put together eleven top tips on how to host a Halloween party to remember on a budget. Read on!

    Halloween Lanterns

    1. Eerie Lighting. One of the easiest ways to create a sense of eeriness is to stick some red lightbulbs in the lamps throughout your home. This will transform your walls instantly from dull and boring to dark and creepy.


    1. Smokingly Spooky! Ask around and see if friends or family members have a smoke machine you can use for the main party room. Together with the change of lightbulbs it will add an element of spookiness to your Halloween party games and dancefloor shenanigans.


    1. Cobweb calamity! String cobwebs are available to buy from many Fancy Dress party shops or card retailers and are usually quite cheap to purchase. These can be used very effectively draped over doorways, your hallway bannister or fireplace hearth.


    1. Ghoulies Delights. Don’t forget to have a hunt for household items you can reuse and put to good effect. Shredded black dustbin bags and old white bed sheets make for cheap and cheerful ghouls and table décor.


    1. Halloween Creative. Get creative and create your own scary creatures and monsters with the use of black cardboard and/or tissue paper. Scary shadowy figures such as bats, witches and black cats are easy to draw and effective when placed on bare walls or across doorways, lamps or mirrors.


    1. Pumpkins Galore! The obligatory pumpkin is of course a must have on Halloween night. Create a pumpkin display to remember by grouping together pumpkins and squashes of all sizes and shapes; carved and uncarved either in your entranceway or perhaps on your fireplace. Add in some spooky cobwebs, lit votive candles and sprigs of autumnal leaves and berries to decorate the hearth or doorway.

    Girl carrying a pumpkin

    1. A Spooky Centrepiece. A Halloween centre piece for your food table can be a great focal point. Cluster together Halloween inspired objects and party props. A plastic skull, old hardback books, candelabras, magician’s wands, witches’ broomsticks and hairy spiders for the ultimate spooky display.


    1. Halloween Paper Lanterns. Cheap and cheerful paper lanterns that are currently all the rage for parties and events are an easy way to add a pop of Halloween colour to your home. Why not buck the trend and opt for spooky red and black or even purple and green to ring in the haunting theme? String alongside some coloured festoon lighting if decorating your outdoor spaces for the perfect Halloween party vibe.


    1. Yukky Food and ‘Poisonous’ Potions. Of course, if you are hosting a fab Halloween celebration, themed food and drink will be expected. A quick search online will bring you to lots of Halloween themed party food to recreate. If like us, you are not too hot in the kitchen department just cheat! Lots of big supermarkets now offer up themed party cupcakes and sweet treats to add a spooky feel to your buffet table. Add in a bobbing apple cauldron for some after dinner fun.


    1. Spooky Playlist. A spooky playlist is vital if you are hoping to create that scary vibe. There are more tunes to choose from than you may initially think. Songs from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, Ghostbusters, The Rocky Horror Show and of course, the famous Monster Mash are all perfect for the occasion.


    1. Party Games. No Halloween Party would of course be complete without taking part in some fun party games. There are lots of games to choose from but amongst our personal favourites are:
    • The Mummy Wrap. A classic but a good ‘un! The best thing is all you need is oodles of toilet roll. A toilet roll per team and away you go. Best toilet roll Mummy wins a prize!
    • Witches’ Broth. Concoct a yukky witches’ broth with a combination of noodles, pasta and green or red food colouring. Add a touch of water and lots of plastic Halloween toys for the ultimate sticky broth. Team members are blindfolded and take turns to fish out the Halloween objects. The first team to collect five Halloween spiders amongst their collected items wins the game.
    • Halloween Trick or Treat Box. Your party guests are blindfolded as they place their hand in the Trick or Treat box. Each person must correctly guess what the Halloween item is they are holding to receive their treat. Beware! Wrong guesses receive a Halloween trick!


    Happy Halloween!