Eight Really Great Tricks to Increase the Living Space in a Small Home

    1. First rule of thumb – de-clutter. Avoid the temptation to fill every available living space and book shelf with ornaments, books, media files and bits and bobs. Organising each room to have planned empty space alongside your stuff on shelves and flooring in particular will be a great deal easier on the eye.

    2. Think creatively. Utilise every so-called ‘wasted’ space. Cleverly concealed under stairs storage crates are an in genius use of available space and could hold a great deal. Over door fabric shoe or spice racks can be utilised for a variety of storage issues. For example, stow away your various bathroom cleaning products neatly on the back of your bathroom cupboard and they are placed in the perfect location for ease of access for cleaning also. Room alcoves either side of your chimney breast offer up the perfect opportunity for inbuilt bookshelves or display cabinets; rather than freestanding units that can swallow up more of your precious floor space.

    Living room with fitted shelving and fireplace

    3. Maximise the space. Space saving furniture such as fold away beds and tables and sliding worktops can increase the space available to you in key areas such as your bedroom or kitchen. A window recess is the perfect place to construct a built in window seat with hidden storage.

    Choose one classic piece of statement furniture for your lounge area to create a key focal point and to minimise the amount of floor space consumed by furniture.

    To maximise the feeling of space, try to keep your décor clean and simple – opting for pull up blinds instead of draped curtains can open up a space.

    4. Multi-functional furniture and utility pieces. Opting for furniture and household items that have multiple functions is a clever use of space. There are now many types of lounge furniture that offer up storage options also. For example, coffee tables that double as storage for your magazines or family board games; pouffes that boast hidden storage solutions for blankets; divan beds with under bed storage and slide out drawers; bunk beds with under bed study areas; display cabinets or shelving that includes beautiful wicker crate baskets to house your various household items.

    Better still, with the wide variety of furniture choices now available on the market, as well as working hard to meet your storage needs, your furniture piece can look damn pretty too!

    5. Wonderful Wardrobes. Short on hanging space in your small wardrobe? Double your available hanging space and hang clothes together by hooking an aluminium can ring pull over your existing clothes hangers.

    In smaller bedrooms, fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are a more space effective solution and sleeker option for tight spaces.

    6. Kitchen Aids to the Rescue. Any functional working kitchen needs a considerable amount of ‘stuff’ to keep the cogs turning and the fires burning. For the spatially challenged living space, make today’s kitchen appliances work for you. Useful kitchen aids such as Lazy Susans concealed behind kitchen units are great space savers. Many large household appliances now come with space economy in mind, such as washer-dryer combos and compact in-built ovens rather than freestanding cookers or ranges.

    7. Trick of the eye. Use tried and tested methods to ‘trick’ the eye into viewing your living space as larger than it really is. Opting for lighter paint colours on your walls and ceiling to open up your living space really is effective combined with carefully chosen lighting to illuminate dark corners and give the illusion of a much larger room. Introduce a pop of colour with statement furniture pieces such as these fantastic red occasional chairs and colourful wall art.


    Placing a large floor length mirror opposite natural light can bounce light back into a small room very effectively. As well as keeping clutter to a minimum on your work surfaces the same rule of thumb should be applied to your wall space too. Mounting a large art canvas on the wall at eye level in a room can really draw a person’s attention and is more pleasing to the eye in a tight space than many smaller frames cluttered together.

    8. Lofty Living. If you are lucky enough to live in a lofty apartment or old Victorian terraced property, then certainly make full use of the extra head room by installing a mezzanine level to your room of choice. This could be used to create a nifty sleeping area above a living room or could even be utilised for an office space or much needed studio.

    Bedroom storage